The surprising dishes of 19th century dandies are revisited in this book. With a historical introduction and portraits of contemporary dandies. My contribution was cooking the original recipes, food styling, supervising photoshoots and the layout incl. prepress. Thank you Claudia for the Silver medals!
editorial: Melanie Grundmann | art, food styling: Niko Willborn | photos: Claudia Frickemeier | publisher: Rogner & Bernhard, Kein & Aber 
Silver award for best photography worldwide from Gourmand Cookbook Awards and Silver from GAD – Gastronomische Akademie Deutschlands
Book launch Party
The book needed a proper launch party of course. It took place at Kühn Keramik in Berlin Kreuzberg with many elitist guests. I was preparing 5 dishes from the book. On the first photo I`m carrying out the cucumber sandwich. The photo below shows the diners trying the notorious cock`s combs.
Even discussed in Finland 
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