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Thanks to excellent storytelling the quite technical content has become fun to read, so the User Experience here is more guided by words than icons. When reading, you really want to go down and see all what the university is about to finally hit the pursuing buttons which lead to the courses of interest. Many self-assuring motives seduce to share, a faculty theme accordion give a quick overview, a practical map with nearby job occasions revaluates the area whereas another one shows the high density of leisure and cultural offerings.
UI/UX: Niko Willborn | copy: Peter Quester | frontend: Daniel Gansdorf | cobra youth 2018
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A website for the Spreewald foundation 

Christmas fundraising campaign for the biggest foundation in the Spreewald region preserving the wetland meadows with all their many species. The concept, visual identity, logo and website was made from very scratch. I designed and programmed  the website entirely alone with a website building tool.

copy/concept: Ulrike Schlott | art/concept/UX-UI: N. Willborn | Freelance-project | client: Bürgerstiftung Kulturlandschaft Spreewald

UX/UI for BW-Bank
"Look forward to get old" is the claim of the retirement provision campaign for Baden-Württembergs biggest bank launched in Stuttgart on different media like affiliate guidance, banner, posters, carpets, ATM-screen, station floor sticker, giveaways.
And of course a lot of UI/UX: on BW Bank I worked half a year 90% digital – on various pages, sub-pages, photo editing, info-graphics, icons, logos, online-films and newsletters. Trapped a bit in the templates of Sparkasse, copywriter Felix, UX-Designer Victoria and me tried to get the best out of it. So if you look at the homepage, don`t expect a big bang of creativity, it`s more about making the UX as smooth as possible with tons of datas, links and relinks to bring across. 
UX/UI: Niko Willborn | UX/copy: Felix Heine | S&F Berlin 2017/18

Digital Marketing, Emmi Caffe Latte – "It`s not iced coffee"
The task: make the brand younger and more dynamic. Solution: Catch people with a fresh redesign and make them share their favourite cup.
The redesign was based on the assertion "It`s not iced coffee" and the followed conclusions. So a unique cup was produced with witty sayings in 48 different prints in one season. Uniqueness was created and people chose the cup they most identified with. Influencers were activated to spread the word and online editors took care of social threads.
The cups were big audience magnets and performed quite a lot online with a devoted and creative peer group.
copy/concept/art: Peter Meyer, Sara Diedrich, Niko Willborn | photo: Malte Braun | Mackat 2014
Big awareness through a vivid online game and GNTM-coop
An eight week lasting game with eight tasks to solve and many prizes to win. About 10k people played the game and much more followed it online on facebook, twitter and youTube. The game was promoted on banner, the own website, blogs, print-ads and on the product itself.
UX/UI: Niko Willborn | copy: Sebastian Umlauf, Kathrin Koehler | film editing: Martin Reimers | frontend: panorama 3000 | Mackat 2012
Digital Marketing with an online game
Again an eight weeks lasting game with eight tasks to solve and many prizes to win. This time double as much people played the game and followed it in the social. The game was promoted on banner, TVC, by influencer, on blogs, in print-ads and on the product itself.
UX/UI: Niko Willborn | copy: Sebastian Umlauf, Kathrin Koehler | film editing: Martin Reimers | frontend: panorama 3000 | Mackat 2012
Responsive UX/UI for website "Chai Latte"
In just 1 and 1/2 months, the microsite was accessed over 75.000 times. The Facebook page recorded growth by 6,792 fans and the number of Instagram followers increased from 0 to 369. More than 600 people shared their #MyChaiTime moments on social media channels. 
UX/UI: Niko Willborn | copy: Pieter Blume | frontend: plan.net suisse | Mackat 2013
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