Hochschule Offenburg – Liebe auf den zweiten Blick.
A recruiting-campaign for a presumed secondary university.
The university Offenburg offers bachelor courses on a very high level for electro-engineering, machine building media and other faculties. The problem: many renowned universities in Baden-Württemberg have a bigger reputation and pull off more and more students. What we tried to do: Demonstrating that this university is the place to study – competent, cool, familial, networking, sustainable and future-proof. 
So we shouted out all the benefits in a juvenile way to raise sympathy and convincing local students to do the absolut right thing by signing up.
The multiple headlines could be seen on job fair stands, billboards, CLPs, pillars and continue online (at the moment referring to the World Cup – see here). Thank you Peter for all the great words and the magnificent unpretentious claim (Liebe auf den zweiten Blick – Love at second glance)
copy: Peter Quester | art: Niko Willborn | Java: Daniel Gansdorf | cobra youth communications, Berlin  www.cobrayouth.de
Stands on job fairs in Frankfurt, Mannheim, Freiberg, Stuttgart
CLP`s around Offenburg, Freiberg, Basel and competing university locations.
CLP in Berlin at TU (on hold)
All motives to be seen as billboards, pillars, post cards and other formats
Usage of motives by the university in social media (here for World Cup 2018 and regional job prospects)
The Bike saddle cover
Placed in relevant student cities around Offenburg. The headline refers to a german saying logical translated: "Duck to the bosses and kicking the ones under you?" It announces an economy course at their campus about ethical behaviours.
The Hochschule Offenburg microsite – an effective UX through smart words
Thanks to excellent storytelling the quite technical content has become fun to read, so the User Experience here is more guided by words than icons. When reading, you really want to go down and see all what the university is about to finally hit the pursuing buttons which lead to the courses of interest. Many self-assuring motives seduce to share, a faculty theme accordion give a quick overview, a practical map with nearby job occasions revaluates the area whereas another one shows the high density of leisure and cultural offerings.
Giveaway on job fairs
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